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In other words, Ky and her crew? Theyre pirates. The real life of a tradeship captain: paperwork and more paperwork, negotiation with shippers, customers, Customs officials. ISBN 0-345-44758-1 Also available from Science Fiction Book Club Also available as a Tantor audio book. Find a library Sign in Sign up Everything eBooks Audiobooks Periodicals Video Libraries Series: Vatta's War Sort Title Series Release date Popularity Filter Subjects Fiction 11 Science Fiction 6 Science Fiction & Fantasy 5 Creators Elizabeth Moon 11 Cynthia Holloway 5 Media type eBook 6 Audiobook 5 Format OverDrive Read 5 OverDrive MP3 Audiobook 5 OverDrive Listen 5 Kindle Book 5 Adobe PDF eBook 5 Adobe EPUB eBook 5 Trading in Danger & Remnant. Vatta Transport Ltd. This is Kys headspace when the novel starts, and a struggle she faces internally throughout the book one that is only exacerbated as she faces the extinction of her family line and brutal aggression. Or not. Notify me of new posts by email. Definitely recommended. And while its disturbing to read in a heroine, I appreciate Kys questionable morality and the ramifications this will inevitably have in future books. She sighed again, signed another sheet, and stared at the next. Notable Quotes/Parts: From Chapter 1: Kylara Vatta looked at the mass of paperwork from Belintas Economic Development Bureau and sighed. HomeNewsletter Advertise Contact The Book Smugglers About Policies Features Old School Wednesdays SFF in Conversation Decoding the Newbery Book Smugglers Publishing The Novella Initiative Book Smugglers Publishing: Summer 2015 Book Smugglers Publishing: Fall 2014 Speculative Fiction Series Old School Wednesdays: Marque and Reprisal by Elizabeth Moon Old School Wednesdays is a weekly Book Smuggler feature. As the woman whose skills and courage saved billions of lives from domination by Gammis Turek, she can expect to be feted, interviewed, rewarded, Slotter Key's homegrown hero. She must figure out who did it, why, and how to first survive, then rebuild Vatta.and if that means taking on an enemy that vastly outnumbers her, then sobeit. my bookshelf genres recommend rating of books rating of authors reviews new collections add . Thea Thea James is half of the maniacal book review duo behind The Book Smugglers. ISBN 978-0-345-49161-9(HC) Also available as a Tantor audio book (January 2009) . In fact, the action and the twists in this second book are far superior to those in Trading in Danger, because the stakes are that much higher with Kys family facing complete obliteration from well-funded, well-organized parties unknown. Orshe stared into a distance far beyond her cabin bulkhead. What better way to snap out of a reading fugue than to take a mini-vacation into the past? Logo designed by the wonderful KMont Today, Thea continues with the Vattas War books, with a review of book 2 in the series, Marque and Reprisal! Title: Marque and Reprisal Author: Elizabeth Moon Genre: Science Fiction Publisher: Del Rey Publication date: First published in 2004 Paperback: 378 Pages Kylara Vatta, risk-taking, rule-breaking, can-do heroine of Trading in Danger, is back in businessthe kind thats anything but usualin the new military science fiction adventure by ace action storyteller Elizabeth Moon. If she couldnt finance a refit by then, return to the original plan and go home by commercial passenger ship. Because old enemies are on the move, and new ones are sprouting like dragons' teeth. b336a53425

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